Sermons by Peter Mason

Giants: Facing the Fear of Death

Giants: Facing the Fear of Death

Speaker: | May 06, 2018

Speaker: Peter Mason Text: Heb 2:14-16 As the sun finally peeks out in May and the flowers are blooming, death might seem like a far-distant problem that’s miles away from us this morning. But, the...

Luke: The End is the Beginning

Luke: The End is the Beginning

Speaker: | April 15, 2018

Speaker: Peter Mason Text: Luke 24:36-53 This morning we come to the end of our series in the book of Luke with what seems like an absolutely bizarre story of Jesus ascending into the clouds...

Habakkuk - Even If: Rejoice

Habakkuk – Even If: Rejoice

Speaker: | January 21, 2018

Habakkuk series 3 of 3 Text: Habakkuk 3  We come to our 3rd and final instalment of the Prophet Habakkuk. We live inn a broken world in need of healing and restoration, and Habakkuk has...

Habakkuk - Right Now: Faith

Habakkuk – Right Now: Faith

Speaker: | January 14, 2018

Habakkuk series 2 of 3 Text: Habkkuk 2:2-20 Most of us live relatively simple and safe lives, and while we do not live on the brink of a nation-wide invasion by an evil empire like...

Habakkuk - How Long: Lament

Habakkuk – How Long: Lament

Speaker: | January 07, 2018

Habakkuk series 1 of 3 Text: Habakkuk 1 We are beginning a new series on the book of Habakkuk. An obscure Old Testament prophet who questions God about the impending doom of Judah seems like...

Stand: Dairymaids, Nappies, & Priests

Stand: Dairymaids, Nappies, & Priests

Speaker: | November 26, 2017

As we continue to look at the importance and relevance of the Reformation, we turn our gaze to what many consider the summary of the Reformation: Soli Deo Gloria — for the Glory of God alone....